Born out of a love for clean lines with a boho twist, 'Lines & Current' is a minimal jewellery and accessories brand for normal girls who 'work hard to keep it simple' so there's enough time for play & things that matter. It's about de-cluttering, finding clean lines & pursuing your version of minimalism or simplicity. When this happens it frees up some soul space, we can lean in the unpredictable current of life & follow the creative, generous spirit that prompts us.

 "The designs in the SHOP resemble something in between the hustle of urban/street style and the echoing whisper of nature- where I'm most at home- kind of always straddling the two worlds! They are everyday pieces and reflect the simplicity I value. 'Minimal but with meaning' & hopefully, a bit of personality too."

10% of all profits of L&C  will go to causes that bring about hope and change in peoples lives. 

I'm Rebekah, mum of two daughters, from Belfast Northern Ireland. L&C is for normal girls like me, who want to strip it down to the basics so there's enough time for play and things that matter to you. I want to fill the SHOP with classic yet fun items...the type people will ask- "where's that from?" 

When we're bogged down with loads of clutter, stuff or choices we often don't have the energy to pursue the things that really matter to us. Life can get busy. L&C keeps it simple, offering you minimal, everyday pieces so you have one less decision to make;  I hope this frees you up that little bit more for the fun stuff:)